3D Air spacer sandwich mesh fabric Recycle Polyester yellow Super thick Heavy 480gsm

Product ID: SC-21A057
Name:3D Mesh
Composition:Recycle Polyester
Color:Customizable service OEM & ODM Available
Used in cushioning,padding and upholstery etc.

If you are looking for a durable, breathable and eco-friendly fabric for your project, you might want to consider our 3D Air spacer sandwich mesh fabric Recycle Polyester yellow high visibility Super thick Heavy 480gsm. This fabric is made from recycled polyester fibers that are woven into a three-dimensional mesh structure with air pockets in between. The air pockets provide cushioning, insulation and ventilation, making this fabric ideal for applications that require comfort and protection. The fabric is also dyed with a bright yellow color that enhances its visibility and safety in low-light conditions. The fabric is super thick and heavy, weighing 480 grams per square meter, which adds to its strength and durability. This fabric is suitable for making jackets, vests, bags, shoes, furniture covers and more.

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