Elastic Fabric – W-21A006: Ultimate Flexibility for Your Creations

Product ID: W-21A006
Name:Elastic Fabric
Composition:82%T 7%SP
Color:Can change
Use in Sport clothes, underwear, bag and sport gear.

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Elastic Fabric – W-21A006: Ultimate Flexibility for Your Creations

Introducing the exceptional W-21A006 Elastic Fabric, meticulously designed to infuse your creations with unparalleled flexibility and comfort. With a generous width of 66 inches and a weight of 225 GSM, this fabric embodies the perfect balance of lightweight construction and dynamic resilience.

Comprising a sophisticated blend of 82% Tencel and 7% Spandex, the W-21A006 Elastic Fabric offers unrestricted movement for sportswear, underwear, bags, and sports gear. This fabric adapts to your every motion, ensuring both comfort and functionality in every stitch.

With the freedom to customize colors, your creative vision can come to life effortlessly. Whether you’re designing performance-driven activewear or crafting versatile accessories, the W-21A006 Elastic Fabric provides the canvas for your innovative ideas.

Elevate your designs with the W-21A006 Elastic Fabric, where elasticity meets elegance. Experience the fusion of style and flexibility, and create pieces that empower movement and self-expression.

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