Flocking Fabric High Stretch Mesh 25% Spandex 4 ways stretch Curtain Dress Craft

Product ID: TLW-21A374
Name:flocking fabric
Technical:warp knitting
Color:Customizable service OEM & ODM Available
Used in curtain, home furnishing, clothing, dressmaking, arts and crafts, upholstery etc.

Flocking Fabric High Stretch mesh is a versatile material that can be used for various purposes. It is made of 75% polyester and 25% spandex, which gives it a soft and smooth texture and a high elasticity. It can stretch in four directions, making it suitable for garments that require flexibility and comfort. It is also a heavy duty mesh that can withstand wear and tear, and has a weight of 250 grams per square meter.

Flocking Fabric High Stretch mesh can be used for making curtains, dresses, crafts, and more. It has a unique appearance that resembles velvet, with fine fibers attached to the surface of the mesh. The fibers create a contrast between the matte and shiny parts of the fabric, giving it a rich and elegant look. The fabric is available in various colors and patterns, and can be easily cut and sewn.

Flocking Fabric High Stretch mesh is a high-quality product that offers durability, beauty, and functionality. It is ideal for creating stylish and comfortable items that can enhance any space or occasion.

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