Medical waist fabric Nylon velvet Strong fastness 100% recycled nylon

Item #:YS-Q184923R Nylon velvet
Comp:100% Nylon(RPET)
Color:Customizable service OEM & ODM Available
– High breaking strength
– Strong fastness to fastness
– Low shrinkage rate
– It can be used as the inner of the bag to protect the electronic screen or medical waist protection products

Our medical waist fabric is made of high-quality nylon velvet that provides comfort and support for your lower back. The fabric is durable and has strong fastness, meaning it will not fade or shrink after washing. Moreover, our fabric is eco-friendly and uses 100% recycled nylon from post-consumer waste. This reduces the environmental impact of our production and helps conserve natural resources. Whether you need a medical waist fabric for injury recovery, posture correction, or everyday use, you can trust our nylon velvet to meet your needs and expectations.

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