3D Air Spacer Sandwich Mesh Fabric For Cushioning Upholstery Blue

Product ID: YS-SSZB6156R (blue)
Name:MESH Width:54″
Weight:350g/m2 Composition:100% Recycle Polyester
Color:blue /black
Used in cushioning,padding and upholstery,etc.

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3D Air Spacer Sandwich Mesh Fabric for Comfortable Cushioning and Upholstery YS-SSZB6156R (Blue)

Introducing YS-SSZB6156R (Blue), a high-quality 3D air spacer sandwich mesh fabric that is perfect for cushioning, padding, and upholstery applications. With a width of 54″ and a weight of 350g/m2, this fabric is made from 100% recycle polyester, providing the perfect combination of durability and sustainability.

This fabric comes in a beautiful blue and black color combination and is designed with a unique 3D air spacer sandwich mesh construction, which provides extra cushioning and support. YS-SSZB6156R (Blue) is also available for OEM and ODM services, making it a great choice for manufacturers looking to create their own unique products.

Whether you’re in the cushioning, padding, or upholstery industry, YS-SSZB6156R (Blue) 3D air spacer sandwich mesh fabric is an excellent choice for creating comfortable and sustainable products. The unique mesh design provides extra breathability, making it perfect for a wide range of applications. Order now and experience the quality and versatility of YS-SSZB6156R (Blue) for yourself!

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