Waterproof mesh water resistant stretch fabric dustproof and storm proof

Item #:YS-8206/246R
Waterproof, dustproof and storm proof
Can pass the test STOM-FIT grade II or above
Color:Customizable service OEM & ODM Available
Used in outdoor clothing, workwear, sportwear

Our product is made of waterproof mesh, a water resistant stretch fabric that can protect your belongings from dust and storm. Whether you are hiking, camping, or traveling, you can rely on our product to keep your items dry and secure. The waterproof mesh is durable, breathable, and lightweight, making it ideal for outdoor activities. The water resistant stretch fabric allows you to fit more items in your bag without compromising its shape or quality. The dustproof and storm proof features ensure that your product can withstand harsh weather conditions and last for a long time.

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